Wildhagen is a family owned handcrafted hat business. Owners David and Sheri wanted a film that introduced their family and highlighted their unique product development niche. The content was to be used online as their anchor messaging across multiple digital channels.

Pre-production- 1 week
Film shoot – 1 day.
Post Production – 1 month edit

From David and Sheri Wildhagen:

“People love this film. Adam took our smallness and made it big. Our smallness has become our strength and our edge in a competitive retail environment. “

“Customers have come into our store and not the big guys down the street because they saw our film online and they liked what they saw. They want to talk to us, to continue the conversation that was started in Adam’s film.“

“Customers who have seen this film have insights that would have been impossible for a small business to provide in the past. We have a story, in our words, beautifully photographed, edited and available to a wide audience. That is an incredibly powerful resource.”

“There are a lot of films about small businesses over the internet. Most of them follow the same formula. People tell us this one is different. It is intimate and revealing without being sentimental and cliche. This was possible because Adam was able to put us at ease during the filming process. Adam’s calm professional confidence allowed us to relax and let him get close to us, our work and our family – so that we could tell our story.”


*fabric cut






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