Sheltered Life

Sheltered Life was born from the thoughts, experiences and imagination of 9 inner city street kids who write, crew, and star in this revolutionary docu-drama about their life inside “The Phoenix”, a shelter for homeless youth. Adam Greydon Reid co-founded the Phoenix Film Mentorship Program so that at-risk inner city youth could express their ideas and stories freely on film. Winner of The Emerging Filmmakers Award, Harlem International Film Festival, 2006 | Golden Sheaf Award Nominee – Yorkton Film Festival, 2006

Clip Running Time: 2’30” / Full Length: 16min.

DIRECTOR/PRODUCER/CO-EDITOR: Adam Greydon Reid/BullRush Pictures | WRITTEN BY AND STARRING: Jordan Duncan, Samson Brown, Dan Lavoie, Cleveland, Dane, Lewellyn | MUSIC: Jordan Duncan and K’Rome Clarke | SOUND MIX: Syndicate Sound | EVA’S INITIATIVE MENTORSHIP PROGRAM COORDINATORS: Lillia Shillingford, Tara Forsythe


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