One Dollar One Day

One Dollar One Day is an entertaining and insightful docu-drama written, crewed, starring and co-edited by participants of the Phoenix Film Program, a film mentorship initiative for homeless youth created by Adam Greydon Reid. Taken from the participants’ real life experiences and feelings, the film portrays a day in the life a squeegee kid who offers friendship and solace to a self-absorbed suburbanite whose car (and life) breaks down on a city street corner. One Dollar One Day premiered at the Canadian Embassy in Washington D.C. as part of the DC Shorts Film Festival.

Clip Running Time: 3min. Full Length: 26min.

DIRECTOR/PRODUCER: Adam Greydon Reid (BullRush Pictures) | CINEMATOGRAPHER: Luc Montpellier | WRITTEN BY: Hasani Shillingford, Wendy Babcock, Frankie Sims, Carrie Grenier, Jacob Taylor | EDITED BY: Adam Greydon Reid, Hasani Shillingford, Frankie Sims | SOUND MIX: Syndicate Sound | EVA’S INITIATIVE MENTORSHIP PROGRAM COORDINATORS: Lillia Shillingford, Tara Forsythe

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