IBM Strategy

In IBM Strategy, a young IBM employee schools her out-of-touch former mentor in a game of Xiangqi (Chinese Chess), and on IBM’s strategy for success in today’s competitive technology and business services market. Filmed in Mandarin with English subtitles.

DIRECTOR: Adam Greydon Reid | WRITER: Jean-Francois Chenier | EDITOR: Kiefer Doerksen | PRODUCERS: Robin Ashmore (IBM) | Adam G. Reid (BullRush Pictures) | Myriad Media | CINEMATOGRAPHER/CAMERA: Michael Krizaj |ART DIRECTOR: Nike Hatzidimou | ART DEPT: Bill Ryley | MAKEUP: Ceilidh Dunn, Briana Scott | WARDROBE: Beverly Huynh | GAFFER: Kyle Pigeau | MUSIC: Kris Elgstrand | SOUND MIX: Koko Productions | GRAPHICS: Justin DeFreitas | STARRING: BC Lee, Vicky Huang

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