IBM CLOUD (Film 1)


Meet Gerry and Gina. They’re not just any ordinary couple, they’re IBM Clouds. This is the first story in a series of films designed to inspire “IBMers” around the world to learn more about their company. As we follow Gerry and Gina’s comical courtship, we are introduced to the key aspects of IBM’s diverse business – Cloud Technology, Social Business, Enterprise Security, Data & Analytics, and Mobile.

WRITER/DIRECTOR/EDITOR: Adam Greydon Reid | PRODUCERS: Robin Ashmore (IBM) | Adam G. Reid (BullRush Pictures) | Myriad Media | TECHNICAL ADVISOR: Jean-Francois Chenier | CINEMATOGRAPHER/CAMERA: Michael Krizaj |ART DIRECTOR: Nike Hatzidimou | ART DEPT: Bill Ryley | MAKEUP: Ceilidh Dunn, Briana Scott | WARDROBE: Beverly Huynh | GAFFER: Kyle Pigeau | MUSIC: Kris Elgstrand | SOUND MIX: Koko Productions | GRAPHICS: Justin DeFreitas | STARRING: David Milchard, Valerie Tian, Nicholas Carella, Christina Sicoli, Chris Casillan, Caitlin Howden, Aaron read, Nima Gholami, Arabella Bushnell, Kris Elgstrand

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